it’s how you work it.

In my short time on Tumblr I’ve ended up following a few blogs obviously owned by girls in their late teens. I’ve just turned 26, and didn’t even realise I was old enough to have a generation below me yet, but the more time I spend on Tumblr the more I realise I’m definitely in a new age box. I’m not 18-25 anymore, and I feel very glad for it.

It’s becoming more and more apparent to me how sad and ugly the world is becoming for these young people, the more I read the things they write about themselves. My dashboard is regularly crammed with posts that say things like ‘I’m so ugly, no wonder nobody loves me’, or ‘I’m so fat, that’s why I throw up and cut myself all the time’. And most of the girls posting such things are girls posting pictures of skinny white girls with long I-don’t-care-hair in cut off shorts and lots of jewellery, or pictures of some devil like Katy Perry.

Is this what it’s come to? Really? As someone who runs a fashion business, I can see the merit of these images, and see the appeal in the colours, the glamour, the trash. But as a girl - a woman - I can only feel sorrow for the girls who think this is who they have to be. To them I say this:

Choose your idols carefully. We are not all tall. We are not all thin. None of us are flawless. There are people who see beauty outside these cookie cutter images. The best idol for you is the one in the mirror. I was bullied with the rest of them, and I still have shit depressed days where everything is black. But these days the sorrow comes either from worry for the state of the world, or from self-doubt that I am not measuring up to my OWN expectations and desires. I will never again give a shit what somebody else considers to be beautiful, I will only ever hope people continue to see beauty in ME. Short, imperfect, somewhat insane, chubby me.

Own your face, own your body, work on your brain, and some form of peace will come. There is more to life than being ‘pretty’. If you ask me, Tina Fey is a hundred times sexier than Ke$ha or the Olsen skeletons or whoever else is hot right now - and she wears glasses and has a giant scar across half her face. I can assure you she’s a hundred times happier than any of them too.

If your dashboard looks like mine, reblog this. Or hell, change it and make your own post. Whatever. Do SOMETHING. Let the kids know - there’s better shit in this world than showing your tits to a boy who spends more time on his sideways hair than you. And ask yourself: which of the women in this post do you want to be?

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