bruh… six months of eyelash extensions in melbourne for $99… aaaaand there’s a $15 off code???? (JULY15, you’re welcome)

i know i am good at finding deals but WHUT EVEN IS THIS

lil-c0met replied to your post “+ finding a great caramel milkshake in melbourne - hearing the guy…”

jfc, wouldn’t it be great to be so far removed from the possibility of rape ever being a threat that a phrase like that could seem appropriate to use? UGH PEOPLE. (also where is the shake and do they do soy shakes pls?)

sooooooo groooooossss. wanted to snarl at him.

(green refectory in brunswick, and YES!)

+ finding a great caramel milkshake in melbourne
- hearing the guy behind me say “i might see what pies they have but it looks like they’ve been pretty raped” and struggling not to turn around and smack him across the face with my phone

What was the best holiday you ever had, and what was the worst?

the best was my week-long stopover in Fiji at the end of a trip to the US in early 2013. i decided to take a week by myself on this tiny little island that only had 12 rooms/bures on it. there was no internet, no phone, no tv, and i thought i would go completely nuts but it was the best thing i possibly have ever done. i snorkelled, sunbaked, drank fruity cocktails, learned to scuba dive, made friends with brady halls and got some goss on tracy grimshaw, ate in the dining room by myself, read my book, lay in a hammock, listened to heaps of sade, and generally decompressed after the whirlwind of finding out i had a brain tumour and galavanting around america with my little brother.

the worst was probably the last family holiday up the coast that we took when i was a tween or early teenager - i was sullen and bratty the whole time cos i thought i was too cool, and distinctly remember my mum saying “this is the last time we ever do this” after we had taken this trip every year since i was a tiny little thing. carried guilt for ruining that for ages.

Anonymous: do u liek butt stuff? luv from hedy

omg do u??? is this tru luv? should we get married and your butthole can be the ring? luv from allie

- the peace sign emoji
+ mermaid hair
- $800 interstate removals
+ boys who offer to drive all your stuff down to melbourne instead
- period week
+ finding a $15 dress at savers to wear on bloaty period week
- my tumblr inbox being a desolate wasteland
+ finding out ya best mate is also into butt stuff

ASK ME THANGS i want your questions and your conversation and your weird anon shit and to make a fragile connection in this meaningless universe